Micheal Jacques

See About us for Master Jacques full profile.

Anthony Carney

Anthony (Tony) has been training with Michael Jacques for
5 years, and has obtained the Holistic Black Sash (Level 7),
Combat Tai Chi Level 5 and Zenon Wudang Tai Chi Level 4.

Tony teaches at Holmes Place Gyms at South Bromley on
Fridays and the Peckham Pulse on Thursdays. He is 4 levels
away from completing the Zenon Wudang Syllabus, but his
teaching skills is already producing dedicated disciples for
Tai Chi UK. Other than his role as an instructor, Tony is an
a 'la cart chef' in the West End of London.

Carlo Negri

Carlo is the senior student of Michael Jacques, and has been
devoted to his training for last 7 years with Michael Jacques.
He teaches at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre twice a week.
His qualities range from having a particular interest in pursuing
the Zenon Wudang Syllabus and passing its principles to his own
class members.

Carlo is currently a Black Sash Holistic (Level 7), and a sixth level
(Brown Sash) holder of the advanced Zenon Wudang main system
practised by Tai Chi UK. He is yet to complete this syllabus with
only the 7th level remaining.

Academic qualifications include; a degree in Architecture. He is
also a Reiki and Chi Kung healer.

Elizabeth Auma Ogole

Is a charismatic instructor/therapist who teaches with as much
enthusiasm as she puts into her personal training. She has been
training with Michael Jacques since 1999 and has obtained the
Black Holistic Sash (Level 7), Combat Tai Chi (Level 4), and
Zenon Wudang Tai Chi Chuan (Level 4), along with her other
skills, such as a Reiki Healer, and Relaxation Therapist and

She is currently teaching at several Holmes Place Health Gyms,
including The Strand, and Adelphi (government department).
She holds a Brown belt in Shotokan Karate and a Holistic
Massage Certificate.

Her academic background consist of an honours degree in
Civil & Environmental Engineering and a diploma in Advance
Information Technology with Multimedia, needless to say she
plays a key role in delivering the Tai Chi UK programme to its


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