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Dear Student,

Thank you for your application to grade. Before your application can be
processed for the next level, Tai Chi UK requires you to agree to honour its
safety training policy. As a company which is committed to producing
Instructors & Therapists that can be relied upon for their professional
competency, we require your standards and skills to be at their best at all

As a potential Instructor, please read and sign this policy agreement.
It's with deep regret that failing to do this will mean your application
will not be processed.

However, you will see the benefits of becoming a Tai Chi UK Member or Guest
Member as your training progresses.



Guest members and members are required to accept this safety teaching policy
and sign below.

Thank you for your application to grade with Tai Chi UK. Our aim is to provide professional instructions to Leisure, Education & Business Institutions. Please let us know the days and times you are available if you are interested in becoming an instructor, and we will call on you when your services are required. Tai Chi UK assumes that every individual wishing to grade is a potential instructor and is therefore required to sign this document.

To qualify for the Instructor's Certificate and to secure the correct teaching of Tai Chi UK's courses, you are required to abide by the following and to read the Members & Commercial Development Plan of Tai Chi UK, Form 2.

1. You will arrive at the venues that you have agreed to give instruction 15 mins prior to commencing the session.
2. You will not accept any employment from the service user(s) unless agreed by Tai Chi UK.
3. You will inform Tai Chi UK of any changes affecting the smooth running of your class.
4. You must attend at least 4 Instructor's workshops run by Tai Chi UK each year at £25.00 per workshop. (This is subject to changes and does not affect you if you are not teaching)
5. You will not give instruction elsewhere other than the venue where you are commissioned to give instruction unless authorised by Tai Chi UK.
6. You accept that Tai Chi UK will demand compensation from you if the above is not upheld.

Note: A service user may be an individual, group of people, club, organisation, or any of the above mentioned.

Thank you for your time and professional dedication to delivering our services to our service users. Please complete the form below and submit.


Full Name:   Address:   

Country:     Post code: 

Email:       Phone:     

I am interested in becoming an instructor

Please tick the appropriate discipline you are qualified to teach.

Zenon Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Syllabus Course:		

Holistic Certificate Syllabus 

Combat Tai Chi                

Self Defence                  				


Chi Kung                      				

Relaxation Therapy            					

Colour Therapy                
Holistic Massage              		

Anger Management              					

Weapon Training               						
I agree to abide by the Tai Chi UK Grading Applicants
and Instructor's Safety Teaching policy