Special Training for Security Personnel -
Body Guards - Social Workers

5 Day Intensive Training Course
Morning or Evening (4 hour sessions)
Recognised Certificate of Competence awarded upon
successful completion of course

Entry Requirements

16 years and above may apply
Must have good command of English Language
Resident in the E.C. for more than 3 years
No Criminal Convictions

Course Structure

Morning (7am - 9am) break (10am - 12 noon)
Evening (6pm - 8pm) break (9pm - 11pm)

Training Format

2.General Exercises
3.Self Defence and restraining tactics
4.Keeping calm in the presence of Danger
5.Making an arrest
6.Diffusing a potential violent situation
7.Resuscitation and first aid techniques
8.Observation and listening skills

About the Instructor

Mr. Michael Jacques has been an exponent of martial arts for 26 years. 
He has been a personal bodyguard for 14 years.  He was trained by an
Inspector of the Hong Kong Police Force and by an officer of the British
SAS Special forces.  He runs regular Martial and Tai Chi sessions for the
local authorities and for International Companies.  He also holds a
Bachelor of Arts degree and postgraduate Certificate in Education. 

At the end of the course (20 hours in total) the candidate will be required
to sit an examination.  Upon successfully completing this test, the candidate
will be awarded a certificate of competence.  An application to join the
British Chinese Council for Martial Arts will be made on their behalf.


1.To qualify for the certificate the candidate must:

2.Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the main
    features of the course.

3.Show a clear understanding of the power of arrest.

4.Perform first aid: Resuscitation techniques.

5.Explain why it is necessary to exercise discretion when
   apprehending a person committing an offence.

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