Welcome to the Zenon Wudang Tai Chi Chuan School.

Through the study of Tai Chi, we learn not to rely on external strength and
hardness in order to overcome opponents and obstacles but rather we apply
principles such as yielding to overcome the unyielding, softness to overcome
the hard.

As the body gradually learns to soften and yield the mind follows suit by
becoming more open and flexible. This increased openness and sensitivity,
combined with the understanding of yielding and the ability to calmly focus
one's intention in a spontaneous manner, lead to greater connection with
the environment and others.

A class in session.

A clear perception of the 'heart of the matter' develops - this in turn
increases our ability to defuse situations that might normally lead to
open conflict. Consistent and diligent practice will restore one's mind
and spirit to its original state of integrity.

Tai Chi reconnects the mind to the body, the conscious to the unconscious
and the individual to his or her environment. It reveals the battle within us
and teaches, over time, a more appropriate and natural way of being.

Teacher Training

Our courses are geared to prepare students to pass on their knowledge
to others, thereby producing self-sufficient Tai Chi teachers. So by the
time you attain your first level in Tai Chi, you are ready and equipped
to train others to attain that level; as you attain further levels you are
able to train more people below your level. Although, it is not compulsory
that you train others, you can earn an income if you choose to do so.
See our Module for Tai Chi teachers for more (opens in seperate window).


We offer the following Courses:

  1. Tai Chi/Chi Kung Holistic Beginner's course

  2. Main Zenon Wudang Tai Chi Chuan course

  3. GongFu-Karate

  4. Transcendental meditation with Colours

  5. Intensive Work Outs for Security Personnel
    and Social Workers

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