Changes to Tai Chi UK membership does not affect existing members particularly
those who have gained their blue sash before 1st March, 2005

Privileges of becoming a Tai Chi UK member:

Taichi UK annual membership fee is only £90.00

We would be very grateful if you could spend a few moments of your time completing this form which
aims to define our members' needs so we can better serve them. All information will be dealt with in the
strictest of confidence.

A Username and Password will be sent to you for you to Login to the members' section and start enjoying
the numerous benefits of membership including free email account.

1. Contact person:
    Tel no:
    Relationship with
Post code
2. Contact person:
    Tel no:
Mobile no::
    Relationship with

Tai Chi UK Membership is 90.00 per annum (subject to change).

Please state date you wish to commence your membership (new members only):

Please tick your venue of attendance (if you already attend our classes):

Bromley              Lewisham           South Bank
Camberwell        Met @ Lambeth Streatham
Epsom                Oval                   Swiss Cottage
Elephant&Castle Peckham Pulse   Tooting
Lambeth             Putney
Lensbury            Sobell                  Other

If you attend Tai Chi UK classes, how long have you been doing so?:

First Time 3-6 Months 2-3 years
< 1 Month 6-12 Months 3-4 years
1-3 Months 1-2 years
> 4 years

How often do you attend classes?

Sometimes Weekly Fortnightly Occasionally

Which is/would be your main practice programme?

Holistic Tai Chi Zenon Wudang Tai Chi Combat Tai Chi Aqua Tai Chi Chair Chi

Are you aware of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate? Yes   No

If Yes, please state briefly:

Please send us by post 3 passport sized photographs.

Membership Renewal Applicants:

What is your Level/Sash in your main programme?

1. White Sash    5. Blue Sash
2. Yellow Sash   6. Brown Sash
3. Orange Sash   7. Black Sash
4. Green Sash    8. No Grade

Are you interested in becoming an instructor?

Yes   No   Maybe in Time

For all your Tai Chi and Holistic Spa Holidays, visit:

Note: One-to-One sessions only available on weekends: Saturdays 8.00-10.00am
& Sundays 8.00-11.00am at Elephant & Castle. Bookings should be made via e-mail.

Obligations of becoming a Tai Chi UK Member:

· You should attend at least 4 master classes/seminars per year
· You should obtain a BCCMA licence via Tai Chi UK, £30.00 per annum
· Attend regular TCUK classes, at least 1 class per week
· You should obtain all course tools, uniforms, etc from Tai Chi UK

· You should adhere to the 15 commandments of Tai Chi UK
(Ref: TCUK HRP Beginner's Pack)

Your Responsibilities:
· One-to-One session bookings at least 2 weeks in advance on a
  'First Come First Served' basis
· All cancellations at least 24 hours prior to session
· Prompt attendance to avoid forfeit of session

Contact Tai Chi UK on tel: 020 7407 4775 or email: to start a class in your area,
or to arrange a course / workshop.

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