The aim of Tai Chi UK's Corporate
Programmes is to help foster a healthier,
happier, more productive and reliable
workforce. We offer a flexible variety of
classes, seminars and individual instruction
programmes, all of which can probably be held
on-site at your workplace.

Tai Chi UK is also able to advise on other
aspects of the working environment, from
colour, light and spatial organisation
(Feng Shui), to dietary needs, for example,
reducing the quantities of tea and coffee
and replacing them with fresh water and fruits.


In good company?
In addition to providing instruction to Health Clubs such as Holmes Place and
The Kensington Spa, Educational institutions such as the Priory School in South
London (a secondary school for young people with severe difficulties and autism),
Tai Chi UK has been providing sessions of Tai Chi for Shell International and
Capital Radio, so rest assured when you decide to try out the benefits of Tai Chi
youíll be in good company. A 90 minute workshop with Tai Chi UK will leave you
and your colleagues feeling refreshed, stimulated, focussed and ready for the day.

Why Tai Chi?
Tai Chi has been used in businesses and
corporations in the Far East for many years
as a means of improving the health, wellbeing
and productivity of their employees. In fact
Tai Chi and itís sister art of Chi Kung is used
in hospitals in China as a treatment to combat
cancer and many other illnesses. It is widely
used for remedial treatment and recuperation.

In recent years many forward thinking
Western corporations have also adopted
successful Tai Chi programmes within
their workplace. This trend is growing at
a rapid pace as stress levels and demands
on employees continue to rise. Tai Chi training provides an inexpensive, positive
and very effective programme for combatting and overcoming the symptoms of
stress which tend to be prevalent in pressurised work environments.


So what is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is an ancient art of moving
meditation whose origins lie deep
in Chinese history. It works in various
ways promoting good physical health,
emotional balance and mental freshness
by calming the mind, releasing blockages,
stimulating the circulation and the
functions of the body thereby reducing
stress and creating optimism.

It is often recognised by its sequence
of slow rhythmic movements practised
mainly outdoors by people of all ages and backgrounds. Combined with
specific breathing techniques and gentle stretching it is suitable for everybody.

What can a programme of Tai Chi actually offer? 

Stress reduction

Stress is a contributory factor in the vast majority of illnesses in today's society.
Tai Chi is world renowned as a stress relieving system of exercise which leaves
the practitioner refreshed, calmed, and balanced. Tai Chi practice improves the
blood circulation and energy flow through its gentle but focussed movements.
Reducing stress levels among employees can curtail stress related problems.


Traditional Tai Chi training emphasises and develops the ability to relax the mind
and body. When a person is in a relaxed state the nervous system functions more
efficiently and is better able to process information and deal with stressful


Tai Chi is excellent for promoting all round flexibility and suppleness.
The movements will exercise the joints and muscle groups gradually
building increased strength and flexibilty. A person who is able to move
around more freely will feel better about their body, this leads to an
improvement in overall mood, confidence and temperament.

Improved performance

With a relaxed body one can perform tasks more efficiently. With a calm,
focussed and alert mind which results from training in Tai Chi an employee
is able to concentrate better on individual tasks or multitask with ease.


A physically fit body combined with a relaxed frame of mind can delay the
onset of fatigue. This means employees can work more efficiently and for


One good way of developing teamwork and spirit is to do or learn something
new together. Learning Tai Chi has proven to be an excellent teambuilding
exercise which can develop new friendships as well as strengthen existing


Health and wellbeing in the workforce leads to a greater ability to
adhere to planned work schedules and to complete tasks to deadlines.
Fees will be subject to negotiation depending on location, timing,
numbers of participants and duration of the workshop.

To arrange a workshop or to find out more, send us an e-mail at: or contact us at:

Tai Chi UK
25, Arrol House,
Rockingham St.,
London SE1 6QJ
Tel:020 7407 4775

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