Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the Tai Chi UK Training Programme.
Your enjoyment and training are our immediate concern and we would
welcome any comment or ideas you have regarding the information laid
out on this website.

As a beginner, when you enrol on a course taught by TAI CHI UK
you will receive a Beginners Pack and be taught the Tai Chi/Chi Kung
Holistic Programme

The Tai Chi/Chi Kung Holistic Programme is a set Syllabus
designed to acquaint you with the principle of Tai Chi Chuan.
It is divided into 7 Levels carefully formatted in a step-by-step
format to assist your learning. This initial training comprises of a
set Chi Kung routine, drills and the Tai Chi 24 Step Short Form.

The Chi Kung exercises will strengthen your posture and the
drills will train your mind and body to co-ordinate the techniques
that will enable you to perform the hand forms.

During the course of the Holistic Programme, the most challenging
exercise will be to maintain a calm and patient temperament, which
will help to polish your character and make you a better and more
fun person to be with. You should above all only take part in
exercises you are comfortable with; however, you should attempt
our standard stretching routine, which can be slightly challenging.

This Programme will prepare you for the advanced Zenon
Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Syllabus that you may embark upon
after completing the Holistic Programme. Together with these
two Programmes, TAI CHI UK offers you the option to train on
the Combat adversely physical Tai Chi Course. Copies of these
courses are available on the Website.

You do not need any special skills or knowledge to learn Tai Chi,
but you do need the desire to learn the art of patience. This is
because each Level is designed to enable you to move slowly
from one stage to the next within a clearly defined systematic

Our approach to teaching Tai Chi follows the conventional and
accepted method of Educational Institutions, conversely, as a
beginner you will remain on your level until you have mastered
the entire routine. For the very beginner this will take between
8 to 12 classroom sessions. However, you should not be
pressured to learn the routine and may remain practising until
you feel ready to move on to subsequent levels.

Once you have learned your Level you would notify us of your
desire to begin the next stage of training. An examiner will be
appointed to observe and award you points for each routine of
that Level.

An example of the test paper will appear like this:

White Sash Level 1

The Candidate must acquire 55+ points to obtain this sash.
1.Attend at least 80% of classes
2.Demonstrate Chi Kung exercises for: Headaches, Hangover,
   and High Blood Pressure
3.Demonstrate the Tai Chi Hand Form up to Single Whip
4.Demonstrate The Seven Stars
5.Demonstrate Waving Hands in the Clouds. Etc..

Having displayed your ability to perform the above you are able
to join other members who are at your level.

This method of teaching has enabled Tai Chi UK to revolutionise
the Standard of Tai Chi in the United Kingdom by demystifying
the concept of Tai Chi Chuan. It also offers every one concerned
an opportunity to acknowledge your level within a defined
structure exposing self acclaimed TAI CHI Masters who declare
themselves instructors after attending a few class sessions or
receiving a certificate from an unrecognised teacher.

The Tai Chi UK method may be challenged by different
approaches of Tai Chi, but what it offers is a systematic way
of acquiring a broad understanding of the art in a scientific and
reliable format that can be repeated any where in the world.
Thus a Tai Chi Instructor from the United Kingdom can prove
his standard of teaching by demonstrating the syllabus
wherever the opportunity to teach occurs.

A Beginners' Reflection


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